foodDROP: Food Delivery

An exciting food ordering and delivery platform

Enjoy meals from your favourite restaurants, anywhere!

Simply download the mobile app for Android and iOS users to get started.

foodDROP is an online marketplace, allowing you to browse the menus of your favourite restaurants, select and add items to your cart and confirm your order for either pick-up or delivery. The entire transaction is seamless!

With regard to payments, for delivery orders all payments must be made via credit card (and Visa debit cards when available), which can either be entered and logged when doing the initial app registration or each time you place an order.

For pick-up orders, payments must also be made when confirming your order online similar to deliveries – either via credit card or Visa debit cards when available.

So browse, select, order and confirm pick up or for delivery seamlessly.

Your favourite food, delivered with DROP

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