We Are Now Distance And Time Fares

At Drop Taxi Service, we are committed to serving you and creating the best and safest possible environment for you to reach your desired destination.

Base Fare$18
1-5 km$1.65
5-20 km$1.75
over 20 km$3.00
Per Min$1.10
Minimum Fare$30

Our base rate is $25 and $1.25 per km.

These policy changes will continue providing you with the best possible customer service and experience.

Cancellation policies with on-demand booking

  • A cancellation fee of $20 for “Ride Requests” cancelled AFTER 5 minutes of a ride being confirmed and accepted will be charged to customers.
  • However, cancellations WITHIN 5 minutes of a booking acceptance will NOT attract a cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation charges for cash customers will be charged to customer accounts for future rides.
  • Cancellation charges for credit card-registered customers will be charged immediately.

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